Storytelling Evening and Dinner with Henry Bastien-D'Elle - Opera Singer

Adresse55 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
àPrivate residence. Codes sent with RSVP
ProvinceParis (75)
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55 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
Private residence. Codes sent with RSVP
Paris (75)
Tel 2017-10-28
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Henry Bastien-D'Elle - Opera Singer This Storytelling Evening features Henry Bastien-D’Elie, a versatile, accomplished, and talented singer. With a passion for Opera, his repertoire includes famous arias in French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, and Portuguese. Multi-faceted he is well-versed and has performed in a rainbow of genres including Gospel, Jazz, Spiritual, Musicals, World, Rock, Reggae, R & B, Latin, Country and Blues. Henry will perform operatic selections, and from other genres to showcase his versatility, preceded by an amusing show of his warm up routine. He will also sing a tribute to my dear friend, the late and great Manda Djinn where he will interactively sing with her recordiing of the “Child of God”. Originally from Guadaloupe, moving to France at the age of two, Henry was born into a family where singing was as natural as breathing.

His mother sang in the church choir and his father played the guitar and, although not musically trained themselves, their desire was for the young Henry to start lessons at an early age. This started with violin and piano lessons at the age of six and at ten enrolled in guitar classes at the Music Conservatory in the 11th arrondissement. Adding to his instrumental training, Henry discovered choral singing at the parish school Lycée Voltare, igniting a passion for singing on stage with a group and as soloist. This would be the “red thread” or constant throughout his life. Henry credits many wonderful teachers and directors, especially with Mr Bugnon, his first musical teacher, who inspired him along the way. Henry has performed with eight choral groups in France and Germany (church groups, UNESCO and Le Choeur des Hommes de Paris) where he is often chosen to perform solo.
Following lycee (high school) and a two-year stint studying medicine, military service took him to Germany to the town of Saint Wandel (near Saarbrücken). Joining a choir during this one year period was a life changing experience and returning to Paris, Henry decided to pursue a singing career enrolling at the Sorbonne in musicology with a first solo professional experience at the Archdiocese of Paris. Side-tracked for family reasons, as painful as they are unexpected, Henry regrettably put on the back burner a singing career for a more practical vocation in the security industry where from 2005 – 2013, he held managerial roles at ESA (European Space Agency) and CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales – French Government Space Agency). During this period, his passion for singing was kept alive performing with choral groups and 3-4 concerts a year.
As they say in French a “concours de circonstances” (translated -chance alignment of circumstances), a layoff in 2013 gave him the opportunity to fulfill his dream to pursue an artistic career. The result of his full-time pursuit includes performances in various genres but primarily opera roles such as Theos Oïdos (The Three Lights), the Dutchman (Le Vaisseau Fantôme) Wagner, Pandolphus (The Servant Mistress) Pergolese, Don Magnifico (Cinderella) Rossini, Pantheus (The Trojans) Berlioz, and as Soloist for the Solemn Mass of Rossini. To complement his singing talent, Henry studies theater and acting with TV (TF1) series roles in Profiler, Munch, and Lebovitsz against Lebovitsz). The menu is at the inspiration stage and will feature a Guadalupe cuisine.
The location is chez moi with LIVESTREAM available HERE at 20:45 Paris time. Yours in story, Bernadette If you have never been to a Storytelling Evening here is an FAQ WHAT ARE THESE STORYTELLING EVENINGS? Events at a private residence where a storyteller (author, entertainer, artist, musician, magician, opera singer, dancer, actor, expert in a particular field) tells a story around culture, lifestyle, entertainment, travel or the arts. The idea is to ENTERTAIN, AMUSE, EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN or any combination thereof.
WHERE DO THESE EVENTS TAKE PLACE? Usually in Paris at the private residence of Host Bernadette Martin. However, with the launch of Storytelling Evenings Las Vegas in 2017, events can be held at any location across the globe. WHO ATTENDS? 25-30 Storytelling aficionados who hail from across the globe and understand English. WHAT IS THE DINNER MENU? The menu varies and is a very important part of the evening. With advice from a Chef, cuisines from the “four corners of the globe” have ranged from Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Thai, Canadian, Spanish, Indian, French, Cajun, French, regional French and oftentimes fusion. Vegetarian options are available. Wine, juice, and other beverages are served as well as a selection of teas and coffee with a delightful dessert. WHAT IS THE COST? 30 Euros which includes presentation, dinner, wine, beverages, juice, dessert, coffee. HOW DO I REGISTER? On this site www.visibilitybranding2015.eventbrite.com HOW OFTEN ARE THESE STORYTELLING EVENINGS? Once a month usually on a Saturday DO YOU WELCOME SUGGESTIONS FOR STORYTELLERS? Yes. This could be you, someone you know in Paris or someone who may be passing through. WHO HAVE BEEN THE PREVIOUS STORYTELLERS? For a full list and description of the past 25 plus Storytelling Evenings, view on this site www.storytellingevenings.com

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